Qld Submissions

4th October, 2017

ICPA Qld has welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education.

IRRRRE Submission 2017

3rd February, 2017

Good to see a branch also making a submission. Branches are very welcome to do so.

Yaraka Isisford Branch ICPA Submission to Telecommunications Draft Report 20 01 17

31st January, 2017


Thank-you to all branches and members who made Submissions in response to the draft Productivity Commission Report this month.

The abolishment of the USO as we know it will directly impact many rural families in Queensland, none more so than those who rely in distance education for their schooling. Furthermore, without access to a reliable landline, ICPA Qld is deeply concerned that lives will be at risk in times of emergency in the future. We urge all Queensland members to assist ICPA in this lobby. We should not accept this sell out of the bush and the degradation of telecommunications services which directly impact our way of life for education, health, business and social.

ICPA Qld Inc. Submission USO_Post Review

17th December, 2016

SUBMISSION to the Teacher Transfer Renewal Project

Vacancies exist in all areas across the board in rural and remote primary and secondary schools and it is a key issue for ICPA Qld Inc. that these vacancies be filled with quality staff that are keen to involve themselves in these small communities and make the most of their professional and personal opportunities. 

ICPA Qld Inc. Submission Teacher Transfer Renewal

17th December, 2016

ICPA Qld Inc. Submission Queensland Disability Review

ICPA Qld Inc. has had significant feedback from our members over a number of years regarding the need for more resourcing and face to face contact with regional support staff (Guidance Officers, Psychologists) and Therapists (speech language pathologists, occupational therapists). 

ICPA Qld Inc. Submission Queensland Disability Review

5th August, 2016

SUBMISSION to the Queensland State Schooling Resourcing Review (QSSRR)

The use of technology in Queensland schools is growing. The introduction of the heavily digitised Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C) and the escalation in the availability and use of online learning resources has created an increased need for effective and frequent maintenance and repairs to computer equipment and software platforms. The need for increased technicians trained in both Windows and Apple systems is crucial.

ICPA Qld Inc Submission_QSSRR_2016

20th July, 2016

to the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation Inquiry Productivity Commission

Many of our member families are dependent on Schools of Distance Education for at least their primary schooling. For the effective delivery of curriculum which has elements comprising voice, data and video transmissions both the school and the home classrooms must have communications systems of sufficient capacity. At present many families struggle with systems that do not reliably meet these requirements.

Please find the full submission here: 


ICPA Qld Inc. USO submission July 16

28th February, 2016

Rural Debt & Drought Taskforce Submission 2016

In this submission ICPA Qld suggested the following:

  • An Education Subsidy Package within the Drought Relief Assistance Scheme.
  • Living Away from Home Allowance Scheme
  • LAFHAS to be in line with the CPI-Education Sub-Index
Rural Debt & Drought Taskforce Submission 2016