ICPA Qld Souvenirs

Branches can purchase stock from ICPA Qld and mark-up your purchase with a margin you consider suitable for your fundraising endeavours.

See souvenirs and prices below and submit an order form if you wish to make an order.

Please remember supporting ICPA Qld is benefiting the education of rural and remote children.

Further enquiries:
Suzi McQueen
Fundraising Officer ICPA Qld Inc.

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Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs $12.00 Wooden Frame with Logo $35.00
ICPA Pen $12.00 Dennis Scanlon Book $30.00
Emblem Badge $8.00 4 GB USB Flash Drive (Single) $10.00
ICPA Qld Lanyards (Single) $4.00 4 GB USB Flash Drive (10 & More) $8.00 ea
ICPA Qld Lanyards (10 & More) $3.50 ea USB & Lanyard Pack $13.00
Bib Apron with logo (Single) $20.00 Handtowel with Logo $10.00
Bib Apron with logo (10 & More) $18.00 ea Recipe CD (Deidre's Country Kitchen) $5.00
Tattoo sheet -- Girls & Boys $4.00 ea Postage -- Please ring to confirm  

Greeting Card Pack 2Greeting Card Pack 1Thank you to all members who submitted photos for the "Water & Weather" photo competition.  The standard was exceptionally high and a credit to all who entered.

Two packs of cards (10 per pack) will be available from 14th March.  If you wish to pre-order contact the Fundraising Officer.

Greeting Cards (10) - $12.00 per pack or Orders of 10 & More $10.00 per pack.

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