ICPA Qld lobbies for travel concession (air, bus and private vehile) for georgraphically isolated children, as well as lobbying for rural and remote bus runs, the travel subsidy scheme and commnunity consultation in travel issues.

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The latest ICPA Qld travel report can be found here


ICPA Qld Inc has a policy that the payment of travel allowances to parents of geographically isolated children helps to defray the cost of gaining access to educational services

Rural and Remote Bus Runs - Subsidised bus services in isolated areas

While kilometre-based and fares-based school bus services are fully funded by the government, a small number of services across the state operate on the basis of partial funding by the government.


For geographically isolated students living a great distance from educational institutions, travelling expenses can be prohibitive. For many rural and remote students, attending school away from home is the only option and in the majority of cases the educational institutions are significant distances from the family home.

Student concessional travel would provide financial assistance for students who need to travel long distances to attend a school, college or a university.

Community Consultation

Class I Allowance

changing the conveyance allowance to coincide with the AIC convenancy allowance which is measured from the principal family home to the school and is measured from the front door of the home to the school.  

Young Athletes Travel Subsidy Program

• increase in the Young Athletes Travel Subsidy Program,

• our concern at the complexity of the application forms