ICPA Qld Inc lobbies for equity in education for rural and remote children, and has a team of Queensland State Councilors who work on various issues under specialist portfolios.

Select the portfolio you are interested in to learn more about the issues facing rural and remote students and how ICPA Qld Inc is endeavouring assist.

Boarding Schools and Hostels

ICPA Qld lobby to ensure the continuing involvement of boarding schools and hostels in providing living away from home facilities for geographically isolated children. Kelly Ostwald - Portfolio Leader… Read more


ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure that information and communications technology (ICT) is utilised to the best possible advantage for geographically isolated students.   Louise Martin - Portfolio Leader… Read more


ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure all children in Queensland recieve a high standard of curriculum, which will promote their development and ensure they are well prepared for their present and future life roles. Read more

Distance Education

ICPA qld lobby to ensure the delivery of the best possible educational service to students who do not have daily face to face contact with their teacher, through the support of a decentralised distance… Read more

Early Childhood

ICPA Qld lobbies for an appropriate range of early childhood programs to be available to support children and families who live in rural and remote areas.   Louise Winten - Portfolio Leader Susi… Read more

Financial Assistance

ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure the payment of allowances equal to the cost of gaining access to a continuing and appropriate education.   Susan Bellingham - Portfolio Leader Louise MartinKim DonaldsonKylie… Read more


ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure the continuity of delivery of quality educational services to students in rural and remote schools and access to a broad range of subjects and school experiences to cater… Read more

Specific Needs

ICPA Qld lobbies for adequate funding, facilities and support be available to enhance the educational requirements of students with specific needs who reside in regional, rural and remote areas.  Specific… Read more

Teacher Education

ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure a positive attitude to teaching in isolated areas be encouraged in all teachers during preservice training, supported later by induction and in-service programs Welcome to Teach… Read more

Tertiary, Trade & Training

ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure that students in rural and remote areas have access to post compulsory educational options which will enable them to pursue the career path of their choice. Kylie Camp -… Read more


ICPA Qld lobbies for travel concession (air, bus and private vehile) for georgraphically isolated children, as well as lobbying for rural and remote bus runs, the travel subsidy scheme and commnunity… Read more