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ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure a positive attitude to teaching in isolated areas be encouraged in all teachers during preservice training, supported later by induction and in-service programs

Welcome to Teach Rural – here we aim to provide information and support to preservice teachers wishing to engage in practicum beyond the range, and to the rural communities who wish to attract them. 

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The latest ICPA Qld Teacher Education report can be found here - Read More


In 2017 Teacher Education is a key issue for the lobby of ICPA Qld.  For more information please read the Teacher Education key issues document found here

The attraction and retention of quality teachers into rural and remote areas of Queensland is a continuous battle and an issue which ICPA Qld State Council works extremely hard to find proactive solutions to. 

The journey of a teacher into the bush must begin as a preservice teacher, and we lobby universities and the Department of Education and Training to place a very high value on an alternative placement in rural and remote areas as a viable option for their practicum requirements.  Offering these students a positive experience in our communities will often mean their return upon graduation.  Communities and schools need to work hand in hand to welcome preservice teachers into our rural and remote areas and ensuring their time with us is pleasurable and filled with experiences which they may enjoy while living beyond the range. 

ICPA Qld Branch Rural Practicum Incentives for Preservice Teachers

Many ICPA branches across Queensland offer incentives – financial, accommodation, social etc – to encourage preservice teachers to undertake practical experience placement in one of their local schools.  Details of these branches and their contact information can be found here.  

Teach Queensland Style

Study teaching – ‘make a decision today to make a different tomorrow’ – click here. 

There are lots of great reasons to become a teacher and even more to teach in our rural and remote communities. There are many incentives on offer and details can be found here.  

Aspiring Teacher Grants

These grants have a special category for rural and remote students click here for more information

Pearl Duncan Scholarships

Are you an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander aspiring to be a teacher in a Queensland state school? With the assistance of a Pearl Duncan Teaching Scholarship, you will receive financial assistance during your study period and a guarantee of permanent employment click here for more information

Beyond the Range Scholarship

For preservice teachers there are opportunities to receive financial benefits to support your professional experience placements in a rural or remote school – information is available here. 

General Scholarships from Dept. Education

Generous financial and professional incentives are available to teachers considering a career in rural and remote schools.  More information is available here

Teacher Education Centres of Excellence

TECE programs offer students in their last year of study opportunities to apply for selection into their programs.  These provide participants with mentoring and professional development and offers of employment in high priority locations upon graduation.  Further information can be found here.