Specific Needs

ICPA Qld lobbies for adequate funding, facilities and support be available to enhance the educational requirements of students with specific needs who reside in regional, rural and remote areas.  Specific Needs includes students with disability, learning difficulties and/or gifted and talented students.

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Wendy Henning – Portfolio Leader
Kelly Ostwald
Susi Bellingham
Michelle Freshwater
Kylie Camp



The lastest ICPA Qld Specific Needs report can be found here - SPECIFIC NEEDS PORTFOLIO MID-YEAR REPORT – NOVEMBER 2018


In 2018 Specific Needs is a key issue for the lobby of ICPA Qld. For more information please read the Specific Needs key issues document found here.

ICPA QLD State Council work with various organisations and branches of the Department of Education to ensure up to date and relevant information is available to our members. In 2017/18 the Specific Needs Portfolio has also been working with Queensland Health on the preparation of a document to assist Parent/Carers with the transition to school learning. This document can be used in conjunction to enrolment. Within the Orange Book – Parent Resource there are many useful links to assist families. link

Useful contacts:
Gifted and Talented Qld https: https://www.qagtc.org.au/ 
Clearing Skies https: https://clearingskies.com.au/ 
Academies of Excellence https: https://qa.eq.edu.au/ 
SPELD https: https://www.speld.org.au/ 
Reading Centre and Autism Hub https: https://ahrc.eq.edu.au/