Financial Assistance

ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure the payment of allowances equal to the cost of gaining access to a continuing and appropriate education.


SSusan Bellingham ~ Portfolio Leader

Louise Martin
Kim Donaldson
Kylie Camp
Kate Bradshaw

The latest ICPA Qld Financial Assistance Report can be found here - FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PORTFOLIO MID-YEAR REPORT – NOVEMBER 2018


With over half of Queensland’s state schools being located in rural and remote areas it is appreciated that there is financial assistance and extra services offered so those students in these areas are not disadvantaged by their geographic location.

Available Allowances

There are numerous allowances available, from both State and Federal government, for students from rural and reomote areas

  • The Read More factsheet gives a good summary of State & Federal allowances and the way in which to apply
  • Queensland Academies Isolated Student Bursary - students attending a Queensland Academy, who are ineligible the LAFHAS, may be able to apply for financial support through the Qld Academies Isolated Student Bursary