ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure that information and communications technology (ICT) is utilised to the best possible advantage for geographically isolated students.


Louise Martin - Portfolio Leader

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Kim Donaldson

Jeff Little

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The latest ICPA Qld Communications Report can be found here COMMUNICATIONS PORTFOLIO MID-YEAR REPORT – NOVEMBER 2018 

Do you wonder how ICPA Qld assists you with your communications issues?

Do you wonder how ICPA Qld assists you with your communications issues?
• ICPA advises the Department of Education (DoE), Telstra and nbn on issues which impact on the delivery of quality internet and voice services to our small schools and distance education classrooms.
• ICPA participates in monthly teleconferences with the DoE IT department on current issues.
• ICPA meets regularly with other key DoE branches in regards to Infrastructure, Schools, Curriculum, Human Resources and Operations.
• ICPA provides members with up to date technical information to assist with connectivity.
• ICPA works with nbnco™ to provide members with the latest news.
• ICPA works with Telstra to provide members with the latest news.
• ICPA makes submissions to relevant groups to ensure rural and remote education remains a key consideration in legislative or program change.
• ICPA remains a key stakeholder in various communications groups— including Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and the Telstra Regional Advisory Council (TRAC).
• ICPA liaises with, and supports, ICPA Australia with federal communications issues.

Useful Resources 

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Information technology factsheets which will help you understand the nbn and how it will affect you 

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