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ICPA Qld lobby to ensure the continuing involvement of boarding schools and hostels in providing living away from home facilities for geographically isolated children.

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The latest ICPA Qld Boarding Report can be found here



There are 52 boarding schools throughout Queensland of which there are 49 actual boarding schools.

The biggest issue facing most isolated parents is the cost of educating their children.  Boarding school fees in 2017 rose by 2.33% while tuition rose by 3.87%.  In most cases boarding is a necessity, but boarding schools in the city have high tuition fees - it is a package deal! Overall the number of students from rural and remote areas is on the decline. 

This year LAFHAS has been increased by 1.51% or $79.

There are six School Term Hostels throughout Queensland, catering for primary and/or secondary students.  All six hostels charge boarding fees, usually based on the AIC allowance or the Abstudy allowance.  Funding for School Term Hostels is a State responsibility through Department of Education.

A list of Queensland boarding schools, hostels and agricultural colleges can be found here

For information on available boarding school Allowances click here.

Resources for Boarding Parents

Boarder bookICPA highly recommends the book, The Boarding Parents’ Handbook by Dr Kate Hadwen,  for all families considering the boarding school journey, families already on the journey or maybe even for a friend. 

Australian Boarding Schools Association

The Australian boarding schools’ association (ABSA), promotes the interests and well-being of boarders, boarding staff, boarding parents and boarding institutions in Australia. news-thumb

ABSA continues to advance the profile of boarding and best practice in boarding and facilitates communication on boarding matters between schools, hostels, educational bodies and governments both in Australia and overseas.        


NB. ICPA Australia also has a Boarding Portfolio which has gives a national perspective - click here for the Federal ICPA Boarding Schools portfolio