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ICPA Qld lobby to ensure the continuing involvement of boarding schools and hostels in providing living away from home facilities for geographically isolated children.

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The latest ICPA Qld Boarding Report can be found here - BOARDING SCHOOLS/HOSTELS PORTFOLIO MID-YEAR REPORT – NOVEMBER 2018


There are 52 boarding facilities throughout Queensland.
These boarding facilities include Emerald Agricultural College, Longreach Pastoral College and Tec-NQ.
The 50 actual boarding schools are: -

  •  Two state run, namely Dalby State High and Spinifex Residential College in Mt. Isa. 
  •  Four boarding schools catering for indigenous children: AFL House –Cape York, Cape York Girl Academy, Djarragun College at Gordonvale and Western Cape College at Weipa.
  • A boarding school called Holy Spirit College at Cooktown catering for children unable to attend mainstream education. 

This leaves 43 independent and church run boarding schools throughout the state to cater for geographically isolated children.

Boarding school fees in 2018 have risen by 6% while tuition has risen by 2%.
In most cases boarding is a necessity, especially considering 8 shires within Qld have no high school. Average boarding fees for 2018 equate to $19,294 and tuition costs $12,503 per child and doesn’t take into account, necessary expenses such as uniforms, text books, IT equipment etc. The basic AIC allowance for 2018 has risen by 2% or $154, although there has been a significant rise in the means tested component of the AIC, 2018 saw an increase in the LAFHAS by 2% or $95.

There are six School Term Hostels throughout Queensland, catering for primary and/or secondary students. All six hostels charge boarding fees, usually based on the AIC allowance or the Abstudy allowance. Funding for School Term Hostels is a State responsibility through Department of Education.
A list of Queensland boarding schools, hostels and agricultural colleges can be found here -  Read More
For information on available boarding school Allowances click here - Assistance page

Resources for Boarding Parents Boarder book

ICPA highly recommends the book, The Boarding Parents’ Handbook by Dr Kate Hadwen, for all families considering the boarding school journey, families already on the journey or maybe even for a friend.

Australian Boarding Schools Association
The Australian Boarding Schools Association(ABSA), promotes the interests and well-being of boarders, boarding staff, boarding parents and boarding institutions in Australia.

news-thumbABSA continues to advance the profile of boarding and best practice in boarding and facilitates communication on boarding matters between schools, hostels, educational bodies and governments both in Australia and overseas.

NB. ICPA Australia also has a Boarding Portfolio which has gives a national perspective - click here for the portfolio.