ICPA Qld Supports 'Hand Them Back' Campaign

Posted on December 13, 2018

ICPA (QLD) is in full support of the Agforce Queensland Farmers’ campaign to have the Queensland Government hand the Longreach and Emerald Ag Colleges back to industry, if they cannot adequately run them.
State President Tammie Irons says, “Rather than forming robust partnerships with industry to ensure the colleges remain viable and relevant to the end user, the Queensland Government has thrown the baby out with
the bathwater and simply closed the facilities. This is simply unacceptable.”
Ms Irons says the future of agriculture in Queensland, and nationally, will be severely damaged if these colleges are axed without due consideration given to alternatives.

“An industry led solution, focused on reform to the education and skills training available to students, is exactly what is required.” she says.
ICPA (QLD) believe Agforce’s vision to overhaul the institutions and the services they offer to reflect current and future needs in research and education in the agricultural sector and beyond can only benefit students wishing to pursue agricultural pathways.
Ms Irons says, “The agricultural colleges have been a crucial part of the industry for over 50 years. There is a real opportunity here, using the existing locations and infrastructure, to create a unique and sustainable model which reflects the skills required to vigorously contribute to the industry into the future.”
ICPA (QLD) look forward to participating in discussions with Agforce and industry stakeholders to ensure this
unique opportunity for students wishing to pursue an agricultural pathway is captured.