nbn™ & You

Welcome to the nbn™ & You webpage where we've put together a helpful factsheet to help you understand what the nbn is all about and how it will affect you and the education of your geographically isolated children. We also have these Youtube links that may assist. 

• ICPA nbn FAQ – Outages - https://youtu.be/YJMFyNdK6vs 


nbn™ Sky Muster Education Port

                           BIRRR education port picture 2

Late in 2015 the Federal Government set nbn™ the task of developing a dedicated port for education for use with the new nbn™ Sky Muster™ Satellite.

nbn™ have been working with State and Territory education departments to develop a new service called an ‘Educational Port’ which can be delivered over a dedicated port at the remote user’s home via Sky Muster™. This port has been designed specifically for distance education however future uses could include health and emergency services. 

A downloadable PDF with the following information is available here - Read More

It includes info on (you will sound like you know what you're talking about at least, with all this info!)

  • Glossary of what all that tech speak means
  • Home School Room (Sky Muster)
  • Single student / single computer
  • Multiple students / multiple computers
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Hardware list
  • Purchasing What I Need
  • Ethernet Cables & Ethernet Cable Joiners
  • Ethernet Power Line Extenders
  • Wi-Fi Giga Net Routers
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Wi-Fi Extenders
  • Wi-Fi to Ethernet Converters
  • Ethernet connected Hard Drives
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • Sample Shopping Lists
  • Sky Muster Troubleshooting