Branch Toolkit

Many members are daunted by the thought of conferences and what happens after this.  This section and the downloads will help alleviate that worry and be a handy reference for when you need it.


So, I'm a branch executive member.... what do I do?

President Read More

Secretary Read More

Treasurer Read More

Hints For Branches Read More

Please have a look at these basic forms and change them to suit your branch needs.

  • General Minutes Template Read More
  • Annual General Meeting Minutes Template Read More
  • Branch Executive Contact Details PDF Read More
  • ICPA Membership letter 2019 template for branches Read More
  • Nomination Form Read More
  • Risk Management Form 2019 Read More (Very important to be covered for your event; please fill in & return.)

State Council Lobby Process

We would like to take this opportunity to explain to new members or delegates how State Council works. ICPA Qld Inc has a number of Portfolios including Financial Assistance, Boarding Schools, Hostels, Travel, Distance Education, Small Schools, Specific Needs, Tertiary, Trade & Training, Teacher Education, Communications, Curriculum and Early Childhood. Each of these Portfolios has a policy which is formulated by the motions which are carried at conference.

At the State Council post-conference meeting and November delegations, State Councillors update their respective Portfolio Policies to reflect the motions that have been carried at conference. Council is then guided by this Policy when lobbying the government on behalf of our members. ICPA State Council cannot act outside policy as this is against our constitution and would not be representing the majority of our members.

When considering motions for State Conference it is a good idea to read through the most recent Policy document which your branch’s motion pertains to. It is also helpful to read the latest Portfolio Report. These documents will give your branch information on where ICPA Qld Inc currently stands on a particular issue, which will then give you some direction for your motion.

The latest ICPA Qld Inc State Policy documents can be found here and the recent portfolio reports here.

Qld State Conference -- What happens?

Branch Hints for Motions

Considering a Motion at State Conference? - what steps does our branch take? Did you know that your motion will shape the relevant portfolio policy if it is accepted at conference? What is a supplementary motion? Read More these handy hints for branches and delegates. 

Also, here is a PowerPoint to show your branch as you discuss motions. It gives members who may be new to ICPA an idea of how we work and how a branch motion should be made.  Read More

To make it easier for all, and to make the intent of your motion obvious to all, please download this two page document to assist with writing your branch motion Assistance With Motion Writing for Qld ICPA State Conference -  Read More

Qld Conference Procedure

Now you are at conference and you have your motion. What then? How do you move, second and given an explanation of your motion? What if I need a word change or an amendment? What is a floor motion. Read More this guide.

Councillor & Member Progress Flowchart

What happens to our branch motion after conference? The flow chart (link below) explains the progress for Council from State Conference through to delegations, mid-year meeting and finally to the next State Conference where previous motions are reported on. Print one out to take to branch meetings for new mwmbers to see how their concerns are actioned. Read More

Queensland State Council Rules of Debate.

These are a set of rules for debate that shall apply to all meetings of the Association. Read More

Where can you find information from past conferences?

Click here to go to Qld Motions page.

Click here to go to Qld State Conference Reports & Minutes page.