For Members

Welcome to the section for ICPA members.  Here you will find all the information you might be seeking and if you can't find it here then you will be able to find it in the Resources section.

  • Assistance -- Look up what allowance you may be eligible for and where to go to find out more information or to make a claim.
  • News and Views Magazine -- This is the Official ICPA Qld publication.
  • Queensland Compass -- The monthly communication tool between State Council and members.
  • Member Toolkit -- More information to help you with conferences, motions and lobbying
  • Branch Mentors -- Find out who on State Council is a mentor for your branch.
  • Home Tutor Support -- The distance education home tutors listed here are experienced home tutors who educate their children through DE because of geographical isolation. They are a wealth of knowledge in all things DE and are eager to assist any other home tutors where they can.
  • nbn™ & You -- Factsheets to help you understand how the nbn works and what is required to access it.
  • Useful Links -- Your quick guide to weblinks of educational assistance.