St George Conference ~ What a Week!

A gathering of passionate advocates for our rural and remote kids....

A special mention must go out to our wonderful sponsors - ICPA Conference just couldn't happen without them.  A massive thanks to the very generous support of all our sponsors at the St George 2017 Conference.

Balonne Steel St George

PLATINUM SPONSORS - Balonne Steel & Rural Supplies Lauren & John Frith were the proud sponsors of the Denim & Diamonds conference dinner

1 sponsor    GOLD SPONSORS - Achmea Australia

 7 sponsor

GOLD SPONSORS - St Ursula's College Toowoomba The St Ursula's ladies at their very popular coffee shop

10 sponsor

GOLD SPONSORS - The Winchester Foundation Judy Harris, Beryl Neilsen & Ruth Bethel

12 sponsor

GOLD SPONSORS - Topex Australia sponsored the conference bars and ran the auction with gusto

4 sponsor

GOLD SPONSPORS - Qld Agricultural Training Colleges

11 sponor

GOLD SPONSORS - St Peters Lutheran College Sinead Ray & Kim Holman (Head of Girls Boarding)

6 sponosors

GOLD SPONSORS - St Hilda's School 

RGS group

GOLD SPONSOR - The Rockhampton Grammar School (Head of Boarding Steward Norford with past RGS students and current parents)

Belyando Mt Coolon















Belyando/Mt Coolon delegates ~ Goslyn & Kate

1 Conveners















Conference Conveners ~ Michelle Freshwater & Wendy Henning