Qld Council & Councillor Profiles

THE QUEENSLAND STATE COUNCIL is the properly constituted body elected by financial members within the state. Queensland Council has the general control and management of the affairs, property and funds of the association, ICPA (Qld) Inc.

IMG_3233a 2017 ICPA state council

 Qld Council at State Conference, St George 2017



Tammie Irons 2017wsTammie Irons

Qld President 

Current Portfolios: Teacher Education (Leader)

Branch Member: Westmar-Inglestone

Branch Mentor to: Western Downs, Dawson Valley, and Taroom/Wandoan.

Background: Tammie grew up in the Dawson Valley at Theodore on a cotton farm and attended the state school to Year 10, and boarded at Rockhampton Grammar School for Year 11 and 12. After 14 years at Glenmorgan on the Western Downs, and over 3 years of boarding school for their children, Tammie has moved to Toowoomba with the kids now day students.
Tammie became a member of ICPA – Westmar Inglestone branch - ten years ago when her children began attending the small C&K kindergarten.
Tammie has acted in the role of Treasurer/Registrations for multiple State and Federal conferences and these experiences have increased her passion for equality for rural and remote kids. Tammie along with her branch was responsible for sending out the new member packs for a number of years. She relishes the opportunities to indulge this passion through volunteering for State Council and continues to remain proud of the obvious respect for ICPA from the many government and departmental representatives that attend delegations each year.
Tammie joined State Council at the Goondiwindi conference in 2012 and took on the role of a Vice-President in 2015. This year at the 2018 Winton State Conference Tammie has taken on the role of President. She thoroughly enjoys working with such a wonderful and dedicated group of individuals all united for the common cause of ICPA.


Louise MartinLouise Martin
Qld Vice President 1

Current Portfolios: Communications (Leader), Financial Assistance, Teacher Education, Distance Education and Travel
Branch member: Tambo
Branch mentor to: Blackall, Taroom/Wandoan, Clermont and Roma

Background: Louise Martin is married, with twin girls born in December 2005. She lives on a sheep and cattle property 30km from Tambo. The girls did prep and year one with Charleville School of Distance Education before the family moved closer to Tambo in December 2012. The girls now catch the school bus to attend Tambo State School.
Louise was born and raised in the Augathella district. She did correspondence through Charleville School of the Air for primary schooling. Her year 7 class was the pilot group for the current Distance Ed program. (Miss Varcin is the only teacher Louise remembers from all those years!) She went on to board at Stuartholme for years 8-12 before heading to Longreach Pastoral College.
Once out in the real world, she worked for several years jillarooing, before heading overseas. For 5 years she worked as James Packers polo groom – a position that allowed her to see the world – of which she feels most fortunate.
Louise moved to Tambo 21 years ago to take a position as the bookkeeper/cattle manager at Lansdowne. She held this position for 10 years and ended up marrying the neighbour! During Louise’s years at Lansdowne she completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Agribusiness, externally over a 7 year period
From the time she moved to the area, she has always played an active role in the community. She served on a number of local committees including the Tambo Stock Show, Tambo Polocrosse Club and Tambo Arts Council. She is currently a member of the local RADF committee.
She joined the Tambo branch of the ICPA several years ago and started playing an active role in 2012 when she attended the Goondiwindi conference as the lone delegate. Louise joined state council in 2013 at the Toowoomba conference and has been vice president since 2015.
Louise enjoys being part of a dedicated, passionate and professional team who work tirelessly to ensure our rural and remote children get an equitable education.



Wendy HenningWendy Henning
Qld Vice President 2

Current Portfolios: Specific Needs (Leader), Boarding Schools, Hostels, Communications and Travel
Branch Member: Westmar/Inglestone
Branch Mentor to: Kindon, Moonie, and Westmar/Inglestone

Background: Wendy lives at "Merchison Park" Glenmorgan with her husband Andrew and their four daughters – Annabelle, Kate, Peggy and Jane. Together they run their cattle and mixed cropping business. All the girls have attended the local small primary school Teelba State School where Wendy also works part time as a Teacher Aide. The eldest three are now at boarding school at St Hilda’s on the coast.
Wendy joined the Westmar Inglestone Branch when the girls were little and has previously been Secretary for the branch. Wendy attended her first conference in Mt Isa, when the debate was all about prep being introduced! Since then Wendy has also been a part of the organising committee of three State Conferences (Goondiwindi, Toowoomba and St George) and also the Federal Conference in Brisbane.
Wendy joined State Council to work with fellow, like minded, people who have a passion for all levels of education for our greatest assets, our children and the opportunity to have the hands on ability to help lobby for all ages and stages.


                           Kim Hughes

Kim Hughes 2017 wsImmediate Past President

Branch Member: Richmond

Branch Mentor to: Clarke Creek, Richmond, Julia Creek


Background: Kim has lived with her husband and three children on ‘Harrogate’, a cattle property west of Richmond in north-west Qld for the past 16 years. Her three children were educated via Charters Towers SDE and then Mt Isa School of the Air. Two children are currently boarding in Townsville in Yr 9 and 11 with the eldest completing Yr 12 in 2016. Kim became a member of ICPA 16 years ago when her oldest daughter started year one and held executive positions as Publicity Officer and Secretary. Kim joined State Council at the Rockhampton Conference in 2011.

Since joining State Council Kim has held the Distance Education, Specific Needs and Curriculum portfolios. Kim became a Vice President in 2012 and was elected President at the 2015 Cloncurry Conference, a position she held until she stood down at the 2018 Conference in Winton. In Kim’s time as President she has helped her team raise the profile of the organisation in Queensland and actively encouraged the next generation of members. The #iamICPA campaign was launched in 2017 and the Queensland Constitution has also had a significant overhaul, bringing it into line with current day practice and ensuring it is relevant into the future. Kim now holds an ex officio position on the Executive as the Immediate Past President.



Gillian Semple wsGillian Semple

Qld Secretary

Branch Member: Richmond
Branch Mentor To: Longreach, Winton and Channel Country

Background: Born and bred in Central Queensland, Gillian now calls the North West, near Richmond, home which she shares with Brett, Patrick, Mia and Ethan. With one left at home in the distance education schoolroom, one still at boarding school and one flown the coup, Gillian has experience across all levels of education. She loves cows, clothes, country air and when someone else does the cooking!
Since 2013, Gillian was the face behind the Publicity Officer’s camera and email address - she took her job of promoting ICPA both within the organisation, and externally, very seriously because she believes so strongly in what ICPA stands for and who it represents. With a deep sense of connection to rural and remote, she believes in working for a strong, positive future for the special people who call far flung places home. “Bush babies are important to the success of rural Qld, it’s important we give them every opportunity to fly.”
At the Alpha conference, Gillian took over the Secretary’s job for “a change of pace”. She enjoys working with State Council and being part of the whole ICPA process and looks forward to helping shape the future and contributing to ensuring Equity. Opportunity. Support for our bush babies.


Anna Appleton wsAnna Appleton
Qld Treasurer

Current Portfolios: Risk Management Officer
Branch Member: Alpha
Branch Mentor to: Alpha, Quilpie and Springsure

Background: Anna Appleton lives at “Islay Plains” Station, location 70km from Alpha, with her husband Fred and four daughters – Alexandria, 11, Georgia, 10, Harriet, 8 and Temperance, 7. Her girls are educated through the Emerald campus of the Capricornia School of Distance Education.
Distance education is nothing new for Anna, as she completed all her primary schooling through Charters Towers SDE, before attending the Rockhampton Grammar School for all of her secondary education. She has also just completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing, externally through Griffith University as a mature aged student.
Anna has a passion for community events, and is involved in many volunteer roles, including being actively involved with her local ICPA branch (Alpha), and also the secretary for the local Alpha Jockey Club. She has a strong understanding of rural education and is an advocate for children in rural and remote locations having access to quality education and opportunities equal to their urban counterparts.


Kim DonaldsonKim Donaldson
Qld Assistant Secretary

Current Portfolios: Boarding Schools, Communications, Early Childhood, Financial Assistance, Hostels, Travel
Branch Member: Charters Towers
Branch Mentor to: Far North Qld, Charters Towers and Hughenden

Background: Kim was born and bred in the bush and lives on the family property in north Queensland. She and her husband Bevan have three children, one attending boarding school, one volunteering overseas and the eldest at university. Her children are the 4th generation of her family to complete their primary schooling by distance education, and then move to boarding school for their secondary schooling.
Kim was elected to State Council in 2008 and became Assistant Secretary in 2009. She is passionate about ensuring all children have as many educational opportunities as possible available to them.


Natalie KennyNatalie Kenny
Publicity Officer

Current Portfolios: Publicity Officer, VISE Rep
Branch Member: Belyando/Mt Coolon
Branch Mentor to: Belyando/Mt Coolon, Nebo and North Burnett

Background: Natalie Kenny lives at “Llanarth Station” (half way between Clermont & Charters Towers), with her husband John and four children – Amelia 15, Gabrielle 13, Laura 11 and William 6. Her two oldest girls are boarders at St Peters Lutheran College in Brisbane, while the younger children are educated through Distance Education, just as Natalie was for her primary years. She has ICPA memories from childhood when her mother was involved in the local branch and then became a member herself in 2001 when her brother-in-law was the local branch president and encouraged her to come along. She later held the position of president for 5 years.
Natalie is actively involved with her local ICPA branch (Belyando/Mt Coolon), and is also the secretary for the Clermont & District Education Group which raises funds to provide grants to local school leavers who need a helping hand in order to make the transition into further education or jobs. She has a passion for community events and is on the committee of her local bush races, Twin Hills.
Natalie is extremely passionate about children in rural and remote locations having access to quality education and understands the huge role ICPA Qld plays in supporting these kids. “As our bush kids grow up they may choose to live in remote Australia or metropolitan centres, but either way they need the skills to be able to live in today’s global and technological society, and, as parents, we have a duty to provide them with an education that will let them do this well.”


Kylie CampKylie Camp

Current Portfolios: Tertiary Trade & Training (Leader), Boarding Schools and Curriculum
Branch Member: Mt Isa BOTA
Branch Mentor to: Mt Isa BOTA and Cloncurry

Background: Kylie has been a member of Mt Isa Branch of the Air (BOTA) since 2001. She was Branch Vice President for three years prior to becoming President in 2010, a position she remained in until 2015 when she returned to a Vice President Role . In her other life she and her husband, Ernie, live in the Gulf on “Floraville Downs” with their four children. Their eldest is currently at University in Cairns, the next has commenced fulltime work in 2017 and is also studying a Cert3 in Agriculture while the two youngest, in Yrs 10 and 12, attend schools in Toowoomba. One of her children has specific learning needs which has been quite a challenging, emotional yet ultimately rewarding journey. She was a governess for eight years and taught her children, with the help of a governess when all the kids were in the classroom, for twelve years. She was a member of the ICPA C2C reference group for several years and prior to coming onto to Council held the off council position of Portfolio Research Officer for two years. She is a member of several local sporting and community groups and is on the executive of her local Kindergarten. She is passionate about quality educational opportunities for all regardless of location or abilities and believes it is important that all students leave learning with the confident belief that they can open all doors opportunity offers to them.

Louise Winten wsLouise Winten

Current Portfolios: Early Childhood (Leader), Boarding Schools, Hostels, Schools and Tertiary, Trade & Training.
Branch Member: Charleville.
Branch Mentor to: Charleville, Charleville BOTA, Cunnamulla.

Background: Louise lives 50km North of Morven in South West Qld on a cattle property with her husband David and 3 children Angus 18, Riley 16 and Ruby 13. Angus has started a Carpentry Apprenticeship in Brisbane and Riley and Ruby are at Boarding School there.
Louise has been Charleville Branch President for 7 years and has attended most State Conferences in that time and enjoyed attending Federal Conference in Alice Springs last year. She has always felt passionate about her children’s education and likes to keep involved with schools, curriculum changes and legislative moves regarding education.
The family has been involved with Distance Education through Charleville, Small School’s at Morven State School, P & C’s, RREAP, Boarding, Independent schools, Travel, Data Drought, Specific Needs, Living Away from Home and now VET and Tertiary pathways!
Louise enjoys being involved in the community and has held many positions on various committees in and around Morven and in schools that her children are attending.
Louise feels that now is the time that she can give to ICPA who lobby so effectively on behalf of all and hopes that she is able to use some of her experiences to help achieve equity in education for all isolated children.



Kelly Ostwald 2017 wsKelly Ostwald
Councillor/Lone Members Officer

Portfolios: 2018 Boarding Schools and Hostels Leader/ Curriculum Leader/ Lone Members Officer
Assist on the following: 2018, Specific Needs, Distance Education, Communication, Teacher Education
Past portfolios: 2017 Boarding Schools and Hostels Leader
2015 -2017 Travel (Leader) Schools and Financial Assistance
• Assist on the following 2017: Financial Assistance, Specific Needs, Travel

Branch Mentor: Southern Downs, Talwood and ABC Branches

Background: Kelly lives on a property west of Texas Qld, where she and her husband Dan run the Family Rural Operations consisting of cropping and Cattle. Kelly has educated her children through Distance Education in Dubbo before moving to Texas. The youngest child left for Boarding school this year in Toowoomba in year 7. The second youngest is in her last year of Boarding school in Toowoomba and the older 3 children are away at University, one is at QUT Brisbane and the two at BOND University on the Gold Coast.
Kelly is an active member of her local community and has held many roles on community organizations over the years. She has been involved in the Texas Little Athletics, Texas Swimming club and race director of the local Triathlon.
Kelly holds a Bachelor of Nursing. Her interests include Running, Triathlons, reading and travel and relaxing with friends.
Kelly is very passionate about education and the need for all children to have access to the same opportunities.


Kate TwistKate Twist

Current Portfolios: Curriculum (Leader), Distance Education, Teacher Education, Tertiary Trade & Training and Schools
Branch Member: Mitchell-Tomoo/Dunkeld
Branch Mentor to: Auburn/Burrandowan/Cadarga (ABC), Arcadia Valley, Mitchell-Tomoo/Dunkeld and St George

Background: Kate has lived in rural areas of south-west Queensland all her life, except when she spent two years at boarding school on the Coast. She now lives on a cattle property with her husband and family.
Kate educated her three daughters through Distance Education from Pre-school to year 7, before sending them to boarding school in Brisbane. Her oldest daughter is an Occupational Therapist and her younger girls are completing degrees at University.
After attending the Federal Conference in Charleville in 2002, Kate began to really grasp the importance of ICPA to our rural and remote schools and students. From this Kate decided that being involved was the only way that she could help to lobby for the equity that all students in rural and remote areas deserve, so attended many State Conferences as a branch delegate armed with motions.
Kate was elected to State Council in 2010 and became Secretary in 2011, a position she held until she stepped down at the 2016 Conference in Alpha.

Susi Bellingham wsSusi Bellingham

Current Portfolios: Financial Assistance (Leader), Curriculum, Distance Education, Specific Needs
Branch Member: Richmond
Branch Mentor to: Augathella, Boulia-Bedourie-Birdsville (B/B/B), McKinlay

Background: Susi lives in North West Queensland on a property 70km south of Richmond with her husband and three children. Her eldest son (Jimmy) has completed school and is in his first year out working in Western Australia on a station. At the end of 2017 her second son (Hughie) will be finishing his secondary schooling in Brisbane and embarking on his future. The youngest (Amy) is still at home in year 5. Susi has taught both boys their primary education through Mt Isa School of the Air and is still educating Amy with the school. When Amy finishes primary education Susi will have been teaching her children for 15 years. This is where the seed was planted for her passion for providing education to all children.
Having completed her primary schooling at small rural schools and growing up in the bush she attended boarding school in Toowoomba. After school Susi received an Associate Diploma in Applied Science from Gatton Ag College. She spent a number of years gaining practical experience in the bush (and having fun) before working for the Department of Primary Industries in Longreach and on their research station at Julia Creek as an experimentalist in the sheep and wool department.
In 1995, she married her husband John and so began an adventure contract fencing and yard building throughout the gulf and Northern Territory. When her children were born and they needed to start school, it suddenly dawned on her that this would be her responsibility. Having declared she would never step foot into another classroom when she completed school she could never have known that motherhood and the desire to give her children the best possible education would spark a passion for education which has seen her become heavily involved. She spent 2 years as the SODEA rep for Mt Isa School of the Air, has recently taken on the president’s role of her local Richmond ICPA branch and is the secretary of the Maxwelton Race Club.
Community is everything to Susi and the desire to give back and help build better regions west of the Great Divide is one of the reasons she has decided to be involved in ICPA. She is proud to be involved in an organisation that will continue to pave the way for equity in education so children of all ages, background and ability can continue to move forward as confident adults who can provide skills that will build stronger communities in rural and remote Queensland. She is appreciative of the work done by ICPA in the past which has benefited her in educating her children and wishes to now help those into the future.

Jessie Persse wsJessie Persse


Portfolios: Travel (Leader), Boarding Schools/Hostels, Schools, Teacher Education, Tertiary, Trade & Training
Branch Member: Dirranbandi.
Branch Mentor to: Bollon, Thargomindah, Dirranbandi.

Background: Jessie lives 40km east of Dirranbandi in South West Qld on a sheep property with her husband Charlie and three children Olivia, Darcy, and Sam. Olivia boards in Brisbane at Clayfield College and Darcy and Sam attend Dirranbandi P-10 State School.

Jessie is Vice President of the Dirranbandi Branch. Dirranbandi have a succession plan in order and Jessie will move into the President role in two years. Jessie attended her first conference in Alpha. She is passionate about education (boarding and state) and stays involved with curriculum changes, technology and communications.

Jessie's family have been involved with small schools (P-10) at Dirranbandi, VET and tertiary pathways, P&Cs, Boarding, Travel, the Data Drought and Living Away From Home.

Jessie has been involved in a number of local committees and also manages a successful Facebook page (The Farmer's Wife) promoting life in a rural area from a city perspective.

Jessie is enjoying her time as leader of the Travel Portfolio on State ICPA council. She is hoping to be able to draw on her previous committee and life experience to lobby for equity in education for all isolated children.