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What 's  New

Conference POSTPONED!

Due to COVID-19, State Conference will be postponed until 20-21 October!

May Qld Compass out now

So much to see.... check it out here.

Short Videos Of HelpfulHints For Homeschooling

From practiced rural and remote learners to you, lots of short videos filled with helpfulhints.....

March Queensland Compass

Get the latest news from .....

Learning at home, from the experts

Here is the link to ICPA Qld full suite of videos and tips on homeschooling.

Qld Conference Info

New links to registration and accommodation are up for branches to use.



Upcoming  Events

20 Oct 2020

NEW dates for Qld State Conference!!!!!

Oct 20 - Oct 21
20 & 21 October in Roma will be the new dates Qld ICPA will run state conference. Please adjust your calendars!!!

31 Dec 2021

News & Views Publication date changes

Deadlines for contributions - Term 2 - 1 April (yes, really!). Term 3 - 1 July. Term 4 - 1 November.