Distance Education Home Tutor Mentoring

The distance education home tutors listed below are experienced home tutors who educate their children through DE because of geographical isolation. They are a wealth of knowledge in all things DE and are eager to assist any other home tutors where they can.    

Name SDE Email Phone Notes
Julia Broad CTSDE juliabroad@bigpond.com 47704425 In 2015 teaching kindy, yr 2 & yr 5
Kylie Camp MISOTA floravilledowns@optusnet.com.au 47485585 19 years of DE experience. Has worked with special needs extensively
Lorissa Dennis CTSDE urellastn@reachnet.com.au 49836048 14 years of DE experience. Has yr 6 in 2015 and older children at boarding school.
Michelle Lyons CTSDE mmlyons@bigpond.com 47876689 In 2015 has kindy, yr 3 & yr 5
Lynette Olive CSDE
tlolive@bigond.com 49380124 In 2015 teaching yr 4
Christine Pearce MISOTA schoolroom@harrogate.com.au 0458601449 Has taught various grades over 6 years as a governess.
Tina Elliot LSODE wirilla@activ8.net.au 46573008 In 2015 has prep, yr 3 & yr 5
Jill Radel Charleville yebna2@bigpond.com 46270335 In 2015 has yr 5 & yr 6. Older children at boarding school.
Catherine White LSODE athelstanestation@gmail.com 46573974 In 2015 has yr 3. Older children at boarding school.
Nancy Woods Cairns woodsmtolive@southernphone.com.au 40931214 16 years of DE experience. Has experience with special needs.
Leah Vella CSDE
rlvella@bigpond.com 49356046 In 2015 teaching kindy, yr 1 & yr 4
Anne-Marie Flynn Charleville gfcolamba@gmail.com 46658124 13 years DE experience. Trained teacher. In 2015 yr 4 & yr 8.

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